About me

I have worked for the Open University Library since 2004. Although I am qualified as a librarian I haven’t worked as a librarian in that time. From 2006 to 2010 I was primarily responsible for running the Digilab, which is a staff development resource in the library for Open University staff, giving them the opportunity to get hands-on with a range of educational technologies. I’ve had to learn about educational technology and a little about learning design in order to fulfil my role.

I found the intersection between librarian and learning technologist an interesting one to work in and started this blog as a place to record my thoughts on how educational technologies impact on libraries and to reflect on my own professional development.

I am now responsible for Library Services website content, providing support and guidance to content authors to ensure quality and integrity of library web content. I am also involved in monitoring, evaluating and implementing mobile technology and audio, video and interactive software applications within digital library service innovation.

The views expressed on this blog do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The Open University Library.


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Mills, Keren, Scantlebury, Non and Thomas, Rhodri (2008). Digilab: a case study in encouraging mobile learning through library innovation. In: Needham, Gill and Ally, Mohamed eds. M-libraries: libraries on the move to provide virtual access. Facet, pp. 229–242.

Mills, Keren and Thomas, Rhodri (2008). Mobile Digiquest: Developing rich media reflective practitioners. In: Handheld Learning 2008, 13th-15th October 2008, London, UK.


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